Among the Birds, in Whispers
Collage, 2016

Partage S03 - Pick-up Party
Dimanche 20 novembre, 5 à 7 PM
au Musée du Montréal juif
4040 boulevard Saint-Laurent.

Partage Montreal Season 3 Collection curator: Susannah Wesley

Maud… personable or impersonal, the fabric design by painter Vanessa Bell comes into being by way of a female name, its title. Produced for the Omega Workshop in 1913, the reference to a female subject opens a dialogue between artist and patron, Lady Maud Cunard. At first glance, Bell’s textile design evokes with humour frayed linen pieces as abstract patterns. Superimposed with subtlety are the many grey threads capping this labyrinth of colourful rhythmic swatches.

Up in the sky of Maryse Larivière’s collages, the blue, orange and teal fabric magazine cut-outs obfuscate the landscape in an aerial dance over scenes of wild birds. Our gaze meanders through the folds of fabric forming appendages in suspension before discovering that the reference to fashion invests the space of the feminine body with force, as to reimagine Maud, the original textile work, the blouse made from the linen fabric, the women who wore this avant-garde garment. The conversation between Bell and Larivière and Maud is an unforced cheerfulness, funny and obvious. From plumage to flowery corolla, and the silky ruffles transformed into acrobatic shapes, the collages of Larivière riposte – prosaically and ecstatically – to the disappearance of experience. copy.jpg