B.I.B.L.E., Galerie Maguire, Montreal, January 2014.

Here are your basic instructions: Fuck your mysticism. Fuck your radical empiricism. Fuck your reason and fuck your spirit. Fuck your knowledge. Fuck your art and fuck your legitimacy. It’s too late for that. Put it all in a pit and burn it. Recolonize the libidinal, close you eyes.

We're doomed. We all know it. Unless of course we pack our bags and leave this Earth. The only matters left to dispute are where to go, how to get there, and what to bring. In the past few years we've seen the Marxist-Humanists reach for God and his Apostles, the Speculative Realists for their arche-fossils, and the Accelerationists for the clutch. For Maryse Larivière it's a handmade magic carpet, fuelled by the orgone energy of a dozen clocks glowing under the light of their electric spermatozoa.

In Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth, Maryse Larivière builds on Surrealist artistic and literary forms to conjure an otherworldly domestic scene: a floating chair, a houseplant turned on its side, a religious icon, bird shit, a giant beaded necklace on a banana hanger, a vintage ashtray, a small fan, an orgone blob, a quilted black magic carpet, stripes, polka dots, coloured LED lights, an exit sign, and a series of writings penned at the threshold of consciousness…. Libidinal aesthetics.

Arthur R. Rose