Follow That Thought
Drake Devonshire
Wellington, ON, Prince Edward County
June to November 2018

With works by Jason Peter, Gordon Monahan, Jaime Angelopolous, Bryce Wymer, Maryse Larivière, An Te Liu, BirdO, Letha Wilson, Micah Lexier, Bethany Rose Puttkemery, and Alex Morrison.

Commissioned by Mia Nielsen.

“Follow That Thought” concerns itself with creating spaces where guests can contemplate the sense of living with sustained social and political instability, and how art can not only produce common ground, but invite differing interpretations on multiple viewings. There is no dedicated beginning or end to the exhibitions – simply begin with what catches your eye and let that guide you. We hope you give yourself the opportunity to contemplate each of these pieces, take a moment to consider how they frame or reframe your surroundings and the thoughts that lead you from one piece to the next.

Maryse Larivière’s Bird Bafflers, vibrant, minimal sculptures installed in the lakeside maple tree, inspire delight and confusion in equal parts.