Gossip Garden
Tiziana La Melia and Maryse Larivière
Guest curated by Peta Rake
Walter Phillips Gallery, Main Space
September 29 - December 22, 2017

Gossip as critical thinking. Gossip in plain sight. With attentiveness, gossip moves plots in the garden, the flowers jizz and stutter. As a theoretical practice, gossip proposes a narrative of understanding. The secret social life of plants is the gossip of the gardens. The gossip of women is the gossip of the plants, that release chemical language trails through their leaves and roots.

Walter Phillips Gallery is pleased to present new commissions by Vancouver-based artist Tiziana La Melia and Montreal-based artist Maryse Larivière. Developed during a residency in Visual and Digital Arts, the exhibition Garden Gossip brings together feminist and ecological concerns articulated through tableaus, film, painting, sculpture, and rot.

http://maryselariviere.com/files/gimgs/th-66_2_Garden_Gossip JPG.jpg
Tiziana La Melia and Maryse Larivière, "A Summer Tick" (2017). Digital print.