Interview by Michelle Lacombe
Atelier radio, CIBL 101,5, 18 février 2019, [WEB]

Sorry, I’m busy: The Meticulous Art of Capricorns
by Adi Berardini
Femme Art Review, January 2019, [WEB]

Première exposition à Vancouver pour une artiste de Montréal
Interview by Marie Villeneuve
Phare Ouest, ICI Première, Radio-Canada, November 2018 [WEB]

With Birds on her mind
by Maeve Hannah
The Senses and Society, 13:2, October 2018 [PDF]

Refiguring Worlds at Birch Contemporary
by Nathan Flinth
ARToronto, July 2018 [WEB]

Sad Songs and Strange Birds
by Penelope Smart
Canadian Art, February 15 2017 [WEB]

Raque Ford, Tiziana La Melia, Maryse Lariviere, Athena Papadopoulos, Megan Rooney: A Pool is Water
by Nancy Webb, C Magazine, No.132 – Force Issue, Toronto, Winter 2017 [PDF]

Evocative and Futile Fantasies of Nature Tamed
by Cheyanne Turions
Hyperallergic, September 1, 2016 [WEB]

Talking Back, Otherwise + Objects
by Terence Dick
AkimboTV review, Season One, Episode 07, January 9, 2016 [WEB]

Top 3 of 2015: Telling Things
by Karina Irvines
Canadian Art , December 23 2015 [WEB]

Book review: Where Wild Flowers Grow
by Alex Bowron
ESSE arts + opinions September 15, 2015 [WEB]

On the wall: Gallery openings the week of September 14, 2015
by Murray Whyte
Toronto Star, September 14, 2015 [WEB]

Working (it) Out: Episode One | Maryse Larivière: One isn’t a lonely number
by Gillian Dykeman
Artslant, September 2015 [WEB]

Valérie Blass: Both Accessible and Locked-up in “My Life.”
by Wojciech Olejnik
MOMUS, May 2015 [WEB]

Top 3 of 2014: Emerging Talents
by Rosie Prata
Canadian Art, December 31 2014 [WEB]

by Kim Neudorf
Akimbo, January 21 2014 [WEB]

Maryse Lariviere - Wild is the Wind
by SB Edwards
Ciel Variable, Theatre of Melancholia Issue, No.73 , 2015 [WEB]